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Is Jeremy Tyler A Sleeper Or Bust? (2011 NBA Draft)

Chad Ford's last few mock drafts have had the Celtics selecting Jeremy Tyler. Depending on who you are listening to, Tyler is either a draft sleeper or a surefire bust. Here's a sample.

Sleeper Predictions

Thompson among top 15 NBA draft sleepers - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Jeremy Tyler, 6-10, 255, PF-C, Tokyo Apache (Japan) The top prospect in the class of 2010 at the end of his junior year became a mystery after forgoing his senior year in high school for a struggling pro stint in Israel. He ended up playing in the lesser Japan league. Turns 20 on Tuesday and has a lot of size, athleticism and upside. An NBA scout’s take: "The kid is much bigger and athletic than I expected."

Five NBA Draft sleepers to watch | ProBasketballTalk

Jeremy Tyler, 6’11" power forward, Japanese league: Remember a couple years ago when one of the nation’s top college prospects skipped out on his high school senior season to play professional ball in Europe? That’s Jeremy Tyler. He struggled overseas but he has real NBA size athleticism. He has a bit of a faceup game. The bottom line is there are real questions about his maturity and his internal drive — will he put out the efforts in practices and every game. If he can do that he will be a good NBA player, but it is a real gamble.

Bust Prediction

NBA Draft: Five big risks in the 2011 NBA Draft | ProBasketballTalk

Jeremy Tyler, 6’11" power forward, Japanese league: Big men move up the draft board at the end every year, and that is happening for Tyler because he comes with legit NBA big man size. And he has some skills, a face up game and he can board. Some teams like him. But the guy was unimpressive in Japan last year. There are real questions about his maturity and desire. He skipped his senior year of high school and the chance to go to a major college to go instead to Europe, a decision that backfired. Another flame out is possible, but some team may well take him in the first round anyway because of his size and potential.

So is he worth the gamble at the 25th pick? I think so, but I don't really follow this stuff closely enough to evaluate the other gambles where the Celtics are picking, so what do I know? What does anyone know really? This guy is an unknown and will remain so until he gets in a team's camp and has a chance to learn the NBA game.

Another funny item: Tyler didn't know who Nate McMillan was. In fact, he thought he was a college. You can't make this stuff up.

Bonus Non-Tyler Link: 2011 NBA Draft: Undervalued Studs and Overvalued Duds

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