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NBA Draft Rumor: Celtics Looking To Trade Out Of Draft

The Celtics might just decide that nobody in the draft is as good as someone they can get in exchange for their pick.

This has been speculated on numerous times and Danny's been dropping heavy hints to this effect, but this is the first time I've heard it reported as a "legit" rumor - if there is such a thing.

Boston Celtics open to trading No. 25 pick? - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

The Boston Celtics are taking a hard look at Marquette's Jimmy Butler and Boston College's Reggie Jackson with the 25th pick in the draft. But there's another potential option for the Celtics. The team is open to moving out of the draft altogether if they can trade their pick for a young player. The Celtics have a $2.4 million trade exception that would allow them to take back a young player without having to send anything in return other than the 25th pick.

Zach Lowe tries to fill in some names that fit the "young player" descriptor and fit into the trade exception.  (note: these names are just speculation and not part of the rumor)

2011 NBA draft day buzz - - NBA Draft 2011

There are rumblings that a few teams want in at the lower end of the first round, and there are a number of serviceable bigs Boston could fit within that exception -- Jason Thompson, Lou Amundson, Anthony Tolliver, Josh McRoberts, Semih Erden (formerly a Celtic), Ryan Hollins and many others. 

I'm not really that familiar with most of these guys but the name that jumps out the most is Jason Thompson, who has been rumored in Kings' deals in the past.  Though I think that might be a bit of a reach for this kind of value.

In the forums, nickagenta compiled a larger list of possible names that work financially.

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