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Celtics Acquire JaJuan Johnson via Trade

He's tall, he's skinny, and he's got hops.  Nice call Master PO.
He's tall, he's skinny, and he's got hops. Nice call Master PO.

JaJuan Johnson is the pick. The Celtics acquired Johnson and a 2014 2nd rounder from the New Jersey Nets for the 25th pick (MarShon Brooks).

I really like this pick (but not as much as Master PO likes it!). Seems like a guy that Rondo will have fun throwing alley oops to next year. I enjoy the thought of this kid spending the next year learning from Kevin Garnett.

More analysis later, but first here are some links and scouting reports.

NBA scouts, coach offer their take on 40 draft prospects - Seth Davis -

I don't know why people don't have him higher on their list. He reminds me of Harvey Grant. He needs to get stronger and put on weight, for sure. I liked him last year, and then he went back to school and added about 10 pounds to his frame. He's long, athletic, he can run, he can shoot to 16, 18 feet. I mean, what don't you like about him? If you make him into a small forward, then you're not paying attention to what the kid is. The body might scare you -- he's light in the pants -- but I've never seen him be soft. I have seen him score a ton of points.

Draft profile: JaJuan Johnson - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Johnson also helped himself [at the draft combine in Chicago][. His great vertical (38 inches), solid strength testing (15 reps on bench press) and his shooting numbers are all very impressive. Factor in his excellent measurements and a very solid four-year career at Purdue and I'm not sure why teams aren't higher on him.

Green Street " NBA Draft’s potential Celtics: Purdue F JaJuan Johnson

One of the better athletes in this year’s draft class, Johnson is an impressive leaper who excels in the open court. He is an above-the-rim player and scores a lot of his points on dunks. Already tall for 6-10, Johnson brings a 7-2 wingspan and excellent shot-blocking ability. He also appears to have put on 5-10 pounds of muscle since finishing his senior year. Johnson has an adequate jumper and can knock down open shots. He will have to put in extra work to extend his range to the NBA 3-point line. He needs to improve on his post game. Though he has developed a right-handed hook, Johnson is much more threatening with the ball driving towards the rim than in the low post.

2011 NBA Draft: Final first round mock draft | Blog Archive | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

Johnson is an athletic big man that also had impressive measurables at the Draft Combine. He should finish on breaks, cram alley-oops like no one’s business and be an excellent shot-blocker on help defense. He lacks bulk, however, and is somewhat of a tweener.

DraftExpress NBA Draft Prospect Profile: JaJuan Johnson, Stats, Comparisons, and Outlook

His main issue defensively is defending the post. He does a good job of using his length to contest shots, but his lack of lower body strength really manifests itself in this aspect of his game, as he struggles to deny post position, and is easily backed down, allowing high percentage shots. Furthermore, he seems to lack a degree of toughness and aggressiveness here, as its not rare to see players pushing him around, and he doesn't always respond the way you would hope.

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