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Celtics Stuff Live: Kelly Dwyer

Kelly Dwyer of the Yahoo Sports Blog, "Ball Don't Lie" will be joining us from 9-10pm tonight! Here is his assessment of the Celtics' draft this last Thursday night:

Grade: A

With that in place, I think Johnson can be a terrific player in the right system, so much so that he was my favorite target for my hometown Chicago Bulls as they picked late in Round 1. And Moore, though his game is full of holes and he is a wing-trapped in a point guard's body, could be a rotation-level talent. Even knowing Johnson's rebounding issues and understanding his small frame, Boston could turn him into a contributor that lasts for years. Not bad, for the end of the first and second rounds. Boilermaker-hoy!

(I don't think that's what they say, here. I'm not at all certain what they say, here.)

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