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CelticsBlog NBA Lockout Plans

They look like some fine lads.
They look like some fine lads.

Starting at 12:01, we will be covering the Celtic Football Club!

Ok, I know the fielders can't use their hands and the goalie can.  I know what a corner kick is but someone's going to have to explain offsides to me.

Seriously though, the plan here is about the same as you've come to expect.  Yes, at times I'll purposely stir the pot with outrageous trade proposals and I might even play devils advocate from time to time, but I like to think I'm pretty transparent with stuff like that.

We will give you updates on the labor talks and pass along any real news that comes about, but for the most part we're going to have to get creative.  So a few things.

  • Topic suggestions are welcome.  I've already got a few ideas to bat around and formalize but I'm open to most anything within reason.
  • Please try your hand at FanPosts and FanShots - you never know what could get promoted to the front page
  • If you've been a lurker, this is a pretty great time to jump in by signing up for an account (either in the forums or on the front page).
  • We'll probably dip into the deep, rich history of this franchise but we'll also (as always) look ahead at things to come.
So, don't fret too much about the lockout folks.  You've still got your friendly CelticsBlog home to enjoy.

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