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Rumor: Andre Iguodala for Monta Ellis

This is the first interesting rumor I've seen pop up.  We aren't even done with the Finals yet, but as the draft approaches there should be more smoke rising.

Sources: Andre Iguodala, Monta Ellis deal being discussed

The Golden State Warriors and Philadelphia 76ers have discussed a trade that would send the Warriors' leading scorer, Monta Ellis, to the 76ers for Andre Iguodala, according to league sources, including one with direct knowledge of Golden State's thinking. One source stressed that completion of the deal is not imminent but that it has merits for both sides.

Neither one seems to be a realistic target for the Celtics, though Iggy is a guy that I've had my eye on if the Sixers were willing to do a salary dump and Ellis does bring scoring that the Celtics could surely use.  I think the deal favors the Warriors so more picks or players might be needed to even things out talent-wise but the deal could go through financially under the current CBA.

Get ready for rumors season.  It is coming soon.

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