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Appreciating Ray Allen

Steve Bulpett has a nice article on our favorite record breaking shooting guard.

Ageless Ray Allen not done -

Then there is Ray Allen’s work ethic. He looks like one of those guys who can eat pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner and not gain an ounce. In other words, if he wasn’t a nice guy, we’d hate him. But Allen keeps himself in optimal condition by working out even when the Celtics are off, which is often. When Doc Rivers cancels practice to give his veterans a rest, Allen takes that to mean he can beat himself up without hearing a whistle. As a result, he played in 80 games this past season, only missing the last two when Rivers pulled the plug on the fight for the second seed and forced him from the lineup.

I love having this guy on our side.

The conflicting part is that he's probably our biggest trade chip.  He has a $10M expiring contract and he can still play at an All Star level.  

Nobody is sure exactly how much longer he can do it, but I'm not going to bet against him staying in the league another 3 or 4 years in some role or another.  

So I'm really not ready to shop him around the league.  I want him to stay a Celtic till he retires.  On the other hand, if things go poorly next year and the right offer came around...

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