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Chad Ford's Celtics Draft Projections

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Chad Ford's mock draft 4.0 is out and he does his best to not only make projections of who the teams will pick, but he also tries to give some insight into who else the teams are targeting.

He tabs the Celtics with JaJuan Johnson, a power forward out of Purdue.

Analysis:The Celtics need size, and Johnson is an intriguing pick here. He is long and athletic and stretches the floor with his jump shot. He needs to add strength, but his production at Purdue is hard to ignore. Justin Harper, Nikola Vucevic, Jon Leuer and Jeremey Tyler are also possibilities.

The common thread there: they are all bigs. It is a good bet considering the team's needs and Ford typically has had good insight into Danny's mindset headed into the draft.