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Lawrence Frank Still A Top Candidate For Pistons

Our lead assistant is doing his best to follow Thibodeau's example by spring-boarding from Doc's staff to a head coaching position.

Woodson, Frank atop Pistons' list - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Of the five known candidates for job, sources say that former Pistons assistant Mike Woodson is still the closest thing to a favorite, thanks largely to Woodson’s good working relationship with Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars and the fact that Detroit would know exactly what it’s getting after Woodson’s work under Larry Brown during the Pistons’ 2004 title run. Yet sources say that one reason Detroit’s search has dragged out so long is the strong impression that Lawrence Frank made on new Pistons owner Tom Gores and his advisers, among them former New York Knicks executive Dave Checketts. 

On one hand, Coach Thibs had to go through a couple years of getting passed over for jobs before he got his big break (and perfect fit) in Chicago.  On the other hand, Frank has head coaching experience in New Jersey.  So we'll just have to see if he gets the job or if he finds his way back to Doc's staff for another year.

Update: Get the full scoop and analysis from the always excellent Detroit Bad Boys.  One hint - this may not get resolved soon because ...wait for it... the owners are probably going to try to save money by not having to pay their new coach during the lockout.  Yup.

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