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Remember When...?

Consider this a conversation starter.  Start a thread in the comments with the words "remember when" and then fill in the blank with something from the past that you'd like to discuss.

It can be thoughtful, it can be funny, it can even be sarcastic or snarky if you like (just not directed at other readers).  Try to keep it vaguely about the NBA and the Celtics but have fun with it.

Here's some examples.

  • Remember when there were no props in the dunk contest?
  • Remember when there was still a debate about Gerald Green? (and Kedrick Brown for that matter)
  • Remember when Antoine wore 88?
  • Remember when signing Troy Murphy seemed like a really big deal?
  • Remember when David Stern had a beard?
  • Remember when 7 footers played with their back to the basket?
  • Remember when Shawn Kemp was thin?

Ok, I think you get the point.  Now it is your turn.

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