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NBA Schedule Due Out, Celtics Set To Play In New York on Christmas

Jingle Bells, Gotham smells, Stern has laid an egg.
Jingle Bells, Gotham smells, Stern has laid an egg.

Update: Schedule is released!

The NBA schedule is set to be released today, which is hunky dory. I mean, if the league can't put pictures of players or even mention them on their websites (update, now there are text mentions but no pics), at least they'll be able to post a mythical season schedule on there.

Report: Knicks will host Celtics on Christmas Day | ProBasketballTalk

We’ve already told you that the main event on Christmas day will be a Finals rematch between the Mavericks and the Heat. Now comes word of another of the holiday’s scheduled games, via Barbara Barker of Newsday (on Twitter):

Knicks to host the Celtics on Xmas day, league source tells me. Provided, of course, there is a season.

If you ask me, I think the most likely scenario is that the season starts sometime around or after Christmas. So they'll likely have to change up the schedule anyway.

Sure, the NFL lockout is going to be resolved just in time for the preseason to get underway (thus making all that posturing sound and look pretty foolish). But this NBA stuff is a whole different ballgame. I'd say it is a lot closer to the NHL situation (where they cancelled the season) than it is the NFL one. The football lockout was about dividing up their huge piles of cash. The NHL lockout was a dramatic and drastic change to the overall system - which is exactly what the NBA owners want.

The one thing that gives me some hope is the fact that the NBA is actually pretty popular right now (though well behind the NFL and even baseball) and there's at least some motivation to keep the momentum going. Then again, the sides don't even intend to talk to each other any time soon, so who knows?

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