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Boston Celtics Schedule - Where The NBA Is Trying To Kill Us

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Well, the regular season schedule is out and I for one am now kind of hoping that we have some games cancelled and are forced to change the schedule. I hate it.

Rapid reaction: C's 2011-12 schedule - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Brutal start with only seven home games through Dec. 11, but Boston plays only 11 more road games through Feb. 15... A brutal mid-week back-to-back in mid-November against East rivals Miami and Orlando as part of three-game trip (which features three-day break after opening in Cleveland).

And that's just the start of it. There's also 20 back-to-backs (which I'm told is about the league average) but 15 of those feature games that finish on the road (which were particularly troublesome for the Celtics last year).

Oh yeah, and you know how the Celtics usually start strong, stumble in January, and kind of coast/struggle through the 2nd half of the year? How about a sweet little stretch in March where we play 10 road games and just 3 home games. That should keep those legs fresh and spry. Lovely.

Maybe Doc should send the Big 4 to a vacation spa during the West Coast road trip to get them fresh for the playoffs.

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