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Who's The Next Lead Assistant?

We don't have any free agent buzz to work with, so the best we can do is think about who the next Lead Assistant Coach could be.  Not that I would discount that position at all.  Coach Thibodeau had a big, big part in the championship and the success we had in the other years he was a part of the team.  Though the results of last year's season were less than pleasant, the team still held the fort with (by some measures) the best defense in all the land.  Doc is great, but he can't do it all himself.

Speaking of which, I wonder if the team might go in a different direction.  By that I mean everyone assumes we'll just cherry pick the best head coach candidate that doesn't find a seat in the musical chairs of the offseason coaching gigs game (looking at you Mike Woodson).  But instead of getting another one to two year rental, perhaps they should be thinking long term, since Doc is signed on for 5 years.  He could use a little stability in his staff.  I'm all for giving guys their chance to pursue their careers, but how about finding someone willing to put in a year or so with the Big 4 and then work through a few years of transition?

Chris Forsberg even floats the idea of promoting from within: giving Armond Hill or Kevin Eastman a promotion after many years on the job.  I'm not opposed to that in theory, but I would wonder why such a promotion didn't happen last year if it was going to happen.  Also, in case you missed it, the team also lost Darren Erman to Golden State and parted ways with big man coach Roy Rogers (probably following Frank to Detroit).  So there's multiple positions to fill on the staff.

CelticsHub came up with a few other names to chew on, including Kelvin Sampson, Mike Malone, David Joerger, and ...wait for it... Bill Laimbeer.  I'm hoping they were kidding on that last one.  Forsberg even mentioned Larry Brown himself (close with Rivers).

So who would you like to add to the bench?

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