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And Now For Your Annual Robert Swift Rumor

Like clockwork, here's the latest Robert Swift to the Celtics rumor.

Geary named first coach of B-Corsairs | The Japan Times Online

Swift update: Big man Robert Swift, who played for the on-hiatus Apache in 2010-11 could wind up with the Boston Celtics after the lockout or the New York Knicks, according to former Tokyo Apache coach Bob Hill.

Thanks to Scott Schroeder of Ridiculous Upside for the heads up.

My quick take: Hey, it couldn't hurt to invite him to camp and see what he can do.  You can't teach height and all that.

Update: The last report I found on his career can be found here.  Apparently he was cut from the Thunder and wound up playing in Japan, where he almost quit basketball altogether.  Sounds promising.

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