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Various NBA Lockout News & Notes

NBA lockout 2011 -- Audit reveals 5 percent income boost in 2011 - ESPN

Basketball-related income increased from $3.643 billion in 2009-10 to $3.817 billion. Total player compensation increased from $2.076 billion to $2.176 billion. The increase was 1 percent the previous year and 2.5 percent two years ago.

NBA agents want union to decertify - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

There’s growing restlessness within the NBA’s most powerful agents, an uneasiness with the strategies of Billy Hunter and the Players Association. What’s the strategy? How do we stave off economic Armageddon? This was the reason the agents came to New York for a meeting on Friday, and why they left an unmistakable impression on Hunter: Sooner than later, we want to decertify, file an antitrust suit and throw some fear into the owners.

Laid-off Lakers employees not going quietly | ProBasketballTalk

"You think of the Lakers and you think they are a great organization," Lester said. "But if you work inside the organization, it’s only a perception of being a great organization. It’s probably not a great organization, because great organizations don’t treat their personnel like they’ve done."

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