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Larry Brown wants to join Celtic staff

Adrian Wojnaroski of Yahoo Sports has this.

Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown has an interest in joining Doc RiversBoston Celtics staff as an assistant coach, assuming Lawrence Frank accepts the Detroit Pistons’ head coaching job, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Frank and the Pistons are discussing terms of a deal over the weekend, league sources said, but there is still no agreement in place. However, the Pistons and Frank are both anxious to forge a partnership.

Despite Brown’s credentials and good relationship with Rivers, the Celtics coach is inclined to promote a well-regarded young assistant on his staff – Mike Longabardi – sources said. Nevertheless, Rivers hasn’t ruled out the idea of further discussing a spot for Brown on his bench next season.

So Mike Longabardi has the inside track, it appears, to be moved up to Asst. Coach. It also says that LB would come here for "less than the going rate."

Interesting, but a bit curious, in my opinion.

(more thoughts after the jump)

Larry Brown is one of the winningest coaches of all time, is the only coach to ever win both an NBA and NCAA championship, and considered one of the game's finest teachers....which is what he says he most likes to do. He lives for the practice sessions.

But the article also points out that he can be characterized as a 'high maintenance' individual. He is known to fall in and out of love with some of his players on a regular basis. As an assistant, some of those issues would be off the table, as he wouldn't be in the lead 'judgment making' role.

Most everyone thought that Shaq would never accept the supportive role on the Green Team that he ended up accepting with great effectiveness. They are both at very similar stages of their careers. So, I'll leave that door open. You just never know. It would really be up to Larry and how Doc defines (clearly) what his role would be.

Tactically, could Larry Brown bring what Lawrence Franks brought? Absolutely. I would say yes...and more.

Some fodder to ruminate on in this off season of lock out news.

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