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Celtics 2nd Round Pick E'Twaun Moore Close To Signing In Italy

While Kobe Bryant seems to change his mind about signing overseas every day and just about every NBA player asked about it says that they "would consider" playing abroad but few have actually made the leap just yet.  Of course the Celtics have already lost Nenad Kristic to Russia, but that might have happened regardless.

Still, this overseas thing is new to veterans and All Stars.  Second round picks are another matter.  Agents (and in some cases teams) have long steered second rounders to the overseas route.  That seems to be the case for Celtics draft pick E'Twaun Moore (affectionately called Smooge by the Purdue faithful).  His agent told the Herald that he was close to signing with "a number of" Italian clubs.  But will he have an out clause to return to the Celtics if the lockout is lifted?  We'll see. - Blogs: Celtics Insider

Though Bartlestein didn’t rule out negotiating an escape clause that would allow Moore to return to the Celtics if the lockout ends, he also isn’t eliminating any options. The Celtics would retain Moore’s NBA rights, and may not be opposed to losing the scorer for a season or two while he gains experience in Europe. But he’s also a matured four-year college player with a better chance of contributing immediately than some of the younger players who were drafted higher.

In other years I might have preferred to see him develop overseas and save the roster spot.  But if there is to be a season, I think I'd rather have Moore in camp and if necessary learning in the D-League.  The team isn't exactly going to have a shortage of roster spots this season.  With that said, I can't blame the guy for wanting to make a living while the NBA is locked out, so all the best to him.

Of course if his fellow draftee JaJuan Johnson opts to go overseas and does not secure an out clause, ...well, then I'll be a little upset.

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