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Open Topic Tuesday


Ok, so most of you didn't want to talk football yesterday.  I get that.  This is a basketball blog after all.  So what would you like to talk about?

I'll start with a little mini-rant.  I understand that in negotiations, you have to wait till the last minute to get anything (everything?) done.  Just see the NFL deals that got wrapped up in days when "talks" had been going on for over a hundred days.  Why couldn't the sides have figured things out much sooner?  Why do we have to play this game of chicken just to see how far we can push the other side?  It is frustrating beyond all belief to see the two sides posturing and spewing out propaganda. Or as one writer puts it, just "git-R-done!"  Everything else is just sounds like white noise that can be summed up in this simple animated GIF.

So, what else would you like to talk about this week?  Marquis Daniels?  Rondo's jump shot?  Free agents?  Doc's golf game?  Wyc's wallet?  Whaddayagot?  You better start giving me ideas or I'm going to start rehashing topics like Big Baby, Antoine Walker, Gerald Green, and the Perkins trade.  Speaking of which...

Bonus Link: Marc Spears catches up with Rondo who admits the Perkins trade affected the team more than it should have.  (no kidding)

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