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Interesting Links (As Requested)

In the Open Topic Tuesday post, user EnviroCaper asked for some interesting websites to learn more about the game.  Something to expand one's roundball knowledge.  There are plenty to be sure, but here are a few that caught my attention today.

This first one is absolutely required reading for anyone trying to figure out the finances of this lockout business.  The system really is broke.

The System, Not Stupid Contracts, Creates Wasted Payroll

What this means is that if the owners had made none of their myriad mistakes, they would have realized a savings of … wait for it … Zero dollars.

Technique of the Week: Going straight up "

Being able to lock down the opponent’s top offensive threat is great, but what’s even more valuable these days is a defender who can also stop his teammates’ assignments from scoring near the rim. The NBA players who do that best do so by challenging at the hoop without fouling—by going straight up.

Nerds figure out how to be good at basketball | Blog Archive | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

Leave it to a bunch of science geeks to use their special testing laboratories and supercomputers to deduce that what our dads always told us growing up ("Use the backboard, son") is the best thing any player can do to be a better shooter.

NBA Lockout: Should Extending The Draft Be Included In The New CBA? - Ridiculous Upside

SB Nation Philly's Kevin Owens raised a point I'd suggested before that didn't make it into either of the preceding links: Should the NBA expand its draft?

Feel free to share your own interesting links and websites in the comments below.

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