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Avery Bradley Learning The Point From... (Wait For It)

Get used to more of this.
Get used to more of this.

Couldn't help but laugh at this.

Traveling wouldn't be a bad call - The Boston Globe

Bradley doesn’t turn 21 until November, and Celtics coach Doc Rivers is already convinced Bradley is an NBA-caliber defender. But he spent most of his pre-NBA days as a shooting guard, so the transition to point has been arduous. The Celtics could use a capable backup to Rajon Rondo, and plenty of reps for Bradley in the Orlando Summer League would have proven valuable.

But a summer in Seattle also could help Bradley hone his skills. He has been working out with players such as Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, and Aaron Brooks.

Yes, that makes me feel so much better.  Why don't we have Tony Allen work on ball handling with him and have Marcus Banks work on work ethic and give him life lessons from Stephon Marbury.  I'm sure this will go swimmingly.

In all seriousness, I don't think Bradley is going to be much of a "pure" point guard anyway.  And he's got the defensive chops already, so why not have some gunner point guards show him how to turn off his conscience and fire away?  It would actually be a step up from looking timid and handing the ball off to Paul Pierce at halfcourt.

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