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Gilbert Brown Signs In Germany, Until Lockout Ends

In a move that is not at all unexpected (and is likely going to be copied by many undrafted free agents) Gilbert Brown signed with a team overseas but has the right to get out of his contract and play in the NBA once the lockout ends. Brown signed with S. Oliver Wurzburg of the Bundesliga (BBL).

Pitt guard Gilbert Brown signs with German team - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The 6-foot-6, 210-pound Brown said he won't leave for Europe until August, and that depends on the status of the NBA lockout. "If the lockout ends early, I probably won't even go," he said. "It's basically an insurance policy so I'm not waiting around for the lockout to end."

Brown is expected to compete for a job with the Celtics whenever we get around to having a training camp.

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