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Celtics Draft Picks Could End Up Overseas

The Celtics 2 draft picks are exploring their options for playing in foreign leagues and they may not be able to negotiate an out clause like the one Gilbert Brown was able to secure.

C’s picks eyeing Europe -

"E’Twaun certainly could end up overseas, and we’re talking to teams. If we find the perfect opportunity for him, then maybe we will make that move." Should Moore or Johnson sign, it’s unlikely that the deal would allow either player to return to the Celtics once the lockout ends. "It’s hard to say about that," said Bartlestein, "but my guess is that most of these deals will be for the entire season, without any kind of provision for leaving sooner."

I suppose this shouldn't be a shock, though I'd hate to see JaJuan Johnson sign overseas only to find the lockout lifted. E'Twaun Moore I'm less worried about but every healthy body we can get would likely be valuable if there's a season next year.

Thankfully wherever they are they'll be well looked after this offseason despite the lack of contact with the team.

Allen: Big 3 responsible for rookies

Still, the Big 3 needs to keep in touch with Johnson and Moore during the lockout; not so much to ensure proper conditioning, but to inform them of expectations. And to give them peers to which they can turn while communication with the Celtics organization is outlawed.

"The responsibility is going to be definitely me, Paul [Pierce] and Kevin [Garnett] to make sure that everybody's somewhere where you're being touched, where you know that we're trying to institute what we want as far as a team is concerned and those guys know kind of what direction we want to head in," said Allen.

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