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Rajon Rondo vs. Tony Parker - Who Ya Got?

Give me defense over scoring any day.
Give me defense over scoring any day.

Zach Lowe's epic top 100 list of NBA players got kind of hung up in the mid 20's when he had to decide between Rajon Rondo or Tony Parker. There's a lot more analysis between these two quotes, but here's the opening and closing argument for why he put Parker just ahead of our Red Bull sippin, Connect 4 playing, rollerskating point guard.

The Point Forward " Posts Top 100 NBA Players — Nos. 21-30

The Rondo/Tony Parker debate raged in my brain for a long, long time before I finally settled on Parker, by the slimmest of margins. But for the next three years? Rondo, in a walk. To win a title next season? That's a different conversation, and it's where Parker's all-around offensive game lifts him to a point where it's a coin flip.


It’s very, very close, and Rondo’s highs are higher and more exhilarating than Parker’s. Rondo is perhaps the best point guard defender in the league, but point guards can only tilt the game with their defense on the right nights; they cannot have the every-game impact of Dwight Howard or Garnett. Right now, Parker’s stability wins.

I don't know, I'd still take Rondo for right now - but as usual, I have to caveat that with "but I'm biased." Which I'm totally fine with by the way.

If memory serves, these two aren't awfully fond of each other anyway. Rondo seems to scoff at being compared to Tony and Mr. Parker likes to drop the old "he's lucky to be playing with 3 HOF'ers" routine.

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