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Three Questionable Future Hall of Famers

No, I'm not talking about our trio of Springfield bound stars.  I'm talking about three names that Chris Tomasson of Hoopshype brought up in his look at current players that could be future hall of famers (Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett were all listed as slam dunks). NBA Blogs - Chris Tomasson " The future Hall of Famers

Vince Carter: For those who think Carter, an eight-time All-Star not exactly known for winning and a work ethic, could get snubbed, consider the case of Larry Foust. With eight, he's the eligible player with the most career All-Star selections not enshrined. But you've got to figure Carter will get the call.

Grant Hill: How good was Hill once in the NBA? In his first six seasons with Detroit before getting hurt, he often was LeBron-like, having seasons in which he averaged as much as 25.8 points, 9.8 rebounds and 7.3 assists. Throw that in with a great college career and with just being a great guy and that will push Hill over the top.

Carmelo Anthony: Winning some playoff games would help considering Anthony is now 2-8 in series. But it's hard to ignore his 24.8 NBA career scoring average. And he does have a NCAA title ring (remember that college counts).

I find it hard to get behind Vince Carter based on his lack of playoff success, but I'm sure he's one of those super-stats kinds of guys.  Hill makes some sense and would actually be a sentimental pick for many considering his hard luck injuries but we'll never know just how good he could have been.  Melo had better start finding some playoff success or he's going to end up being another Vince Carter without the dunks (if he isn't already).


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