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Pierce and Garnett Still Ranked in Top 20 NBA Players

Considering the number of minutes these guys have played in their careers, I find this to be one heck of an accomplishment (as subjective as it is).

The Point Forward " Posts Top 100 NBA Players — Nos. 11-20

Some of his thoughts on Paul Pierce:

Through it all, it is Pierce who has sustained as Boston’s best two-way player. He has become an elite three-point shooter, and though Rondo has a lot to do with that, Pierce deserves credit for honing the one aspect of a superstar’s game that can remain somewhat intact with age. He is still Boston’s best option in isolation and in the post — an option this team absolutely must have to avoid total meltdowns on offense — and he can still get to the line in a pinch.

And a few more thoughts on Kevin Garnett:

So why is he here, above two guys in Nash and Stoudemire who can work as offensive centerpieces every night? First, even when those elements of his game are off, Garnett is still one of the best mid-range-shooting big men outside of Dallas. Rondo's reluctance to shoot isn't as disastrous as it might be without great shooters around him, and an elite perimeter shooter at power forward is a more unusual - and, thus, more valuable - commodity than a dynamite shooting wing. And Garnett's passing from the high post and the block creates open shots for others and builds a general culture of unselfishness on his team.

For more, check the link and react to the rankings.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the top 10, here they are. The good news, Kobe Bryant doesn't crack the top 4. The bad news, you aren't going to like #1.

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