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Doc Ranked One Of The Top NBA Coaches

Mike Prada of SBNation decided to rank the current NBA coaches.  Doc Rivers came in at number three, behind only Popovich and Rick Carlisle.

NBA Coach Rankings: Phil Jackson Is Gone, So Who Takes The Throne? -

3.  Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics (7): Doc's a pretty good case study for the "box of chocolates" point discussed above. Some will inevitably point out that life is made easier by him having Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, when before those three came together, he was close to being fired. That's true, on the surface. But the reality is that Doc's motivational style was a perfect fit to coach great talent, which as mentioned, is arguably more difficult than coaching mediocre talent because of all the ego that comes with it. Doc's ability to manage all those strong personalities in the Celtics' locker room harkens back to the work the late great Chuck Daly did with the Detroit Pistons.

Tom Thibodeau comes in just behind him at number 4.

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