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Could Kevin Garnett Play In China?

This is both surprising and not so much at the same time.

What if China is no option at all? - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

I’ve been hearing more and more that Boston’s Kevin Garnett is another star various clubs in China dream of.

One driving factor has to be Kevin's deal with Chinese footwear maker Anta.  You would think that the league would love to see stars with drawing power like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett.  Some things to keep in mind though:

FIBA, remember, announced Friday that any contracted NBA player who wants to go abroad during the lockout has to make a signed declaration to return to the NBA as soon as the lockout ends.

So we're not talking KG turning his back on the Celtics if there is a season.  If he signs in China, it would only be a rental until the NBA worked out this labor negotiation mess.  It would seem like as good a plan as any, except the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) doesn't seem so keen on the idea.  In fact, they are talking about making a rule against any NBA player signing a deal in the CBA with an out-clause (like the kind E'Twaun Moore got in Italy)

The source was adamant that this rule has a good chance of being passed, explaining that the Chinese decision-makers - who are government folks, not basketball people - want no part of a "circus" that sees a wave of NBA stars swooping in during an Olympic year to divert the focus of the league away from China's own players and then all leave at once if some of the 2011-12 NBA season is ultimately saved and the lockout is lifted.

So those two rules together would effectively prevent KG from signing in China at all.  

Still, if this rule doesn't make it through and the powers that be in China change their tune and want to see a circus, then it could get real interesting over there.

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