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Paul Pierce Week at Hardwood Paradoxysm

They are continuing Paul Pierce week over at Hardwood Paradoxysm, so here are a few more blurbs.

Paul Pierce: The Undisputed Guide To Guarding Paul Pierce | Hardwood Paroxysm

A huge part of Pierce’s effectiveness on the offensive side of the ball comes from his uncanny deceptiveness. He’s a master of the fake: shot-fakes, dribble-fakes, head-fakes, spin-fakes, injury fakes (calm down Boston fans; it’s a joke). You name the fake. He has it. He even fabricates fouls, flopping both physically and verbally to draw a whistle. Don’t let all this gamesmanship get in your head. Stay down, focus on his chest, and don’t bite on anything (I know, easier said than done).

Elbow Grease | Hardwood Paroxysm

How did Paul Pierce make the elbow shot such a defining go-to move? Pierce has steered his way to fame by power of infinite swagger and unpredictability, brashly stating his case to rise above the relatively uninteresting background. How can it be that such a player expresses himself to the fullest by getting to a rather inconspicuous spot on the floor and releasing a jump shot that to the naked eye seems so incredibly normal, ostentatious only in how rarely it misses?

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