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Stan Van Gundy Speaks The Truth About College Athletics

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Can't really say it any better than this. (via PBT)

University of Miami scandal brings out hypocrisy on campuses - Dan Le Batard -

"The system is set up for everybody but the kids while pretending to be about the kids," Van Gundy said. "Athletics and education should be separate. Colleges shouldn't be farm systems. It doesn't make any logical sense. But the schools don't want to be blatantly in the situation of being professional sports even though they already are professional sports. They just want to disguise it, so they hide behind education. But, really, all you want is enough of your athletes to graduate so it looks like that's what you care about. Anyone around sports knows it is all a bunch of bull [expletive]."

I don't really even have much to add to that except that I really feel like a more developed D-League would at least allow some players the option of earning a paycheck and developing their skills for the next level without completely making a mockery of the "student-athlete" system.

In related news, a former writer for the Memphis Commercial Appeal (via SBN) had the following to say (or rather, hint at):

Q&A With Dan Wolken of The Daily | The Big Lead

There’s on particular program right now – an elite program that most fans wouldn’t ever guess – that everyone in basketball knows is straight-up paying guys. Will they get caught? I don’t know, but the more this stuff gets exposed, the more we can shatter these ridiculous media-fueled notions about who’s dirty and who isn’t.

Honestly, the only program that would outright shock me at this point is Duke and that is probably because they have enough swag to not have to pay guys and still get some of the top recruits.  And perhaps that is one of the biggest problems here.  Even if a particular school is clean, there's a perception out there that they none of them are fully clean.

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