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Avery Bradley Was Historically Bad, But There's Still Hope


Jay King of CelticsTown takes a moment for a thoughtful look at our resident 6th man (I say that because, you know, we only have 6 guys under contract).

Avery Bradley’s historic lack of win shares, and why there’s still hope | Celtics Town | Boston Celtics blog | Celtics news

Bradley’s rookie struggles were actually historic. He was a 20-year old rookie last season, putting him in the company of 36 other 19- or 20-year olds who were 6’4-and-under in NBA history. As you might have expected, Bradley’s numbers compare unfavorably to his fellow young guards. Bradley had fewer win shares during his rookie season (-0.5) than any 19- or 20-year old, 6’4-and-under guard since 1954 (stats via Basketball Reference).

Ouch. We'll attempt to give him a bit of a pass in that he played so sparingly that the stats are somewhat skewed.

Still, he'll have to prove that he's just a late bloomer and not another in an increasingly long line of wash-out combo guards that Danny has picked over the years.

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