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Glen Davis Wants To Stay In Boston, Or Whatevs

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Glen Davis is softening his tone from after the season when it sounded like he was tired of the Doc show and ready to take his talents to anywhere else. Asked if he wanted to come back to Boston he said the following.

Davis wants to stay - The Boston Globe

"Most definitely, that’s my No. 1 priority - see if I can come back here and play,’’ he said. "And if I can’t, go somewhere else.’’ His words were tamer than they were in May, when it appeared Davis had grown tired of coach Doc Rivers’s treatment. "I think in a lot of situations you have to air things out,’’ said Davis, who because of the NBA lockout cannot have contact with the Celtics front office. "Especially with a player that’s growing. You’ve got to talk and clear things up, and I think that time will come whenever the opportunity comes. I’m just trying to focus on working out.’’

Reading between the lines a bit, it does sound like his agent got in his ear and explained that financially Boston is one of the best fits for him and the team does have a need for bigs - especially ones that know the system and have had success in it.

That said, he doesn't seem all that hung up on his number 1 priority and is perfectly willing to look elsewhere. That is, of course, his right and I don't blame him one bit. It also makes sense that he would be a little more open to the idea of another go with the team now that he's had some time to chill out and get away from it all.

Still, I'm just not buying it. Not to play psychologist or anything, but it sure seems like Baby has a strong need to entertain and be the center of attention. He's always been a ham and in the offseason he has taken to twitter, videos, and impromptu appearances at events like the one Rondo was hosting. I also think he wants to be "the man" somewhere - however unrealistic that goal may be. I think he sees the success Tony Allen found in Memphis and thinks he can at least duplicate that somewhere else, out from under the shadow of the Big 4.

The article also mentions that he'll explore overseas options and since he's a free agent, he has no restrictions on where and how long he can sign for. Still, I kind of doubt he'll want to be overseas long, where they might not get his humor and coaches are even stricter than Doc (and coaches overseas always get their way).

So I expect to hear more from Big Baby this summer, and when the time comes he will make his bid to stay in Boston. Where he winds up, however, is still anyone's guess.

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