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Fixing the NBA: Drop the Draft 2nd Round?

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The NBA Draft is a lot of fun, but even as a diehard, I have to admit that my eyes glaze over in the 2nd round. Sure, there are sometimes impact diamonds in the rough found there, but for the most part they are interchangeable bench players that may or may not see the light of day on an NBA court for years (if ever). So what's the point?

One blogger (Royce Young) thinks we should dispose of the 2nd round altogether.

While you're in a lockout... other things to fix -

All second-round contracts aren't guaranteed and all teams have are the rights to a player. But restructuring the draft to eliminate the second round helps players find a home. Instead of a team using the 34th pick on a good college junior because he's a good third point guard to have on the roster, if everyone was simply a free agent in the second round, that player could find a fit that's a lot better for him.

SBNation's Tom Ziller couldn't disagree more. (continue reading after the break)

Kill The NBA Draft Second Round? No! - From Our Editors -

Teams so frequently trade second-round picks that the order never resembles that of the first round, in which worse teams get better picks. But it still serves as an equalizer of sorts: without it, the higher-revenue teams could outbid the others for top remaining prospects.

As for me, I'm in favor of a radically different idea. Expand the draft!

Future of the NBA and the NBA D-League Going Forward - SB Nation Philly

If the NBA were to implement a third and possibly fourth round, it would allow teams to take a chance on guys who, with the right coaching, could become talented NBA players. The NBA could restructure the ruling on younger players becoming drafted. Players directly out of high school could be drafted, but not eligible for the NBA during their first year. Drafting players based on potential would suddenly make sense.

The point of the article linked above is that the League needs to expand the D-League and make it a more traditional minor league like in basketball, which I have long been a proponent for.

So what do you think?

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