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Kevin Garnett Chose Not To Be A Laker in 2007

KG and Kobe?  Glad it didn't happen.
KG and Kobe? Glad it didn't happen.

Update: Kelly Dwyer doubts KG's story.

If ever there was a story that could make me like Kevin Garnett more than I already do, it would be this one.

Garnett: NBA 'too beautiful' to lose a season

"I was pretty close [to going to LA] to be honest," Garnett said. "What disturbed me about the whole Laker situation was Kobe [Bryant] and Phil [Jackson] at the time. They was pretty bad. That situation was something I didn't want to get into. It was my choice. There was a lot going on and I didn't want to be a part of it."

I remember that time well.  There were a lot of rumors about him going to Los Angeles and I had almost resigned myself to the fact when the rumors died down and out of nowhere the trade to Boston happened.  

A lot is made of the fact that Garnett initially wasn't keen on coming to Boston.  But when Danny made the gamble to pick up Ray Allen, Garnett understood what Ainge was trying to do and respected enough of the people involved to buy in.  The rest, as they say, is banner history.

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