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NBA Blog Previews: Dallas Mavericks

Lockout?  What lockout?  The passion that bloggers and fans have for their teams never dies.  So we're running the previews anyway.  Here's the first one covering the NBA reigning champs (who have a problem that we are all very familiar with - age).  

2011 Dallas Mavericks Preview... For A Theoretical Season - Mavs Moneyball

5. Are the Mavericks too old to win again with this team?

Sometimes, when you assemble a championship-caliber team, you are blessed with a bunch of young guns with raw, natural talent who play well enough together to leave other teams out to dry. And sometimes, as in the rare case of the Mavericks, you slowly assemble a group of veterans who exemplify team mentality and a willingness to fill whatever role necessary to obtain the elusive ring.

However, the very advantage that the Mavs had all throughout the season could end up being the very reason they can't achieve the same results next season. Jason Kidd is practically 87 years old, and while his brain seams to only be getting sharper, his speed and athletic ability are in a slow decline. Dirk isn't getting any younger, and he has the added stress of a ridiculously large body. No one is really in agreement whether this team will benefit or suffer from this added time off. My belief is that, if we can keep Chandler and Butler, if not Barea, we could be competitive again and even make a deep run into the post season. But I think the stars aligned to help the Mavericks win it all, and the chances of that happening again are pretty slim.

See the full preview at the link above.

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