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Lockout Optimism Turns To Pessimism

So, that was a fun few days of feeling optimistic about the labor negotiations.

Lockout optimism punctured by terrible news from Tuesday’s meeting - Ball Don't Lie

Oh, terrific. Not only does there appear to be little progress relative to the positions held at the end of the season, but Hunter is also unwilling to decertify the union and force movement from the owners on negotiations. So we can expect to remain in this state of limbo for quite a while. Oh, and the owners can't even agree on what they're willing to concede because they all have separate interests.

Of course, this could all be more posturing and bluster on both sides.

NBA Lockout: Don’t panic, they are posturing

That is what always happens when the owners’ and players’ full bargaining committees get together. It is a total dog-and-pony show, and anyone who expected the sides to emerge today with a sense of optimism was fooling themselves. This dispute will get settled when there are a lot fewer people in the room. David Stern and Billy Hunter can reach a suitable middle ground by meeting by themselves for a couple hours, which was what happened back in 1999 when that lockout was settled.

Isn't this fun?  Ugh.

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