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NBA Blog Previews: Houston Rockets

Rebuild or reload.  That's the dilemma for the Rockets.

The Dream Shake's 2011-2012 Houston Rockets Preview - The Dream Shake

Does Morey risk his job to fully rebuild -- not reload, but rebuild -- when he could fix everything with one single trade? That's the million dollar question. We'll likely find out by the end of next season after a year under McHale. Make no mistake: the Rockets will try to win games. No question about it. It is each player's and coach's job to win games. No matter the situation, everyone will try for victories. Yet, if the season proves unsuccessful, perhaps that will green light Morey and Alexander to rebuild. On the flip side, an overachieving year and another mid-conference finish could make matters worse for a team looking for a direction and a sign.

Best of luck to McHale, who might just be the best low post option in Houston outside of Luis Scola.

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