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NBA Blog Previews: Memphis Grizzlies

Tony Allen was one of the sparkplugs that helped the Grizzlies to topple the Spurs in the playoffs last year.  Was it a flash in the pan or is this a rising team with a bright future?

2011 Memphis Grizzlies Preview... For A Theoretical Season. - Straight Outta Vancouver

Not to sound like Michael Scott here, but the Grizzlies’ biggest strength last season could become the biggest weakness depending on how long the lockout drags on and on how much one believes momentum can last. Memphis caught fire towards the regular season’s end and into the postseason because their style of play developed into something recognizable. Even if what we were seeing was oftentimes on-court craziness, we could still pick it out as such. They played and played-out the "Grit and Grind" theme, punishing the opposition inside with diverse ways of attacking the rim. Defensively they played with an opportunistic reckless abandon, always looking to turn a snowball into an avalanche. 

Personally I'm not sold on that volatile cast of characters being able to pull off any consistent results when the next season begins (whenever it begins).  But I admit, they do have some fun pieces and could be an interesting matchup for teams.

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