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Doc And Danny Are Bored With The Lockout

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The Herald checked in with Danny and Doc as they participated in the annual Shamrock Foundation golf tournament.  Things are going pretty much as one would expect; essentially, they're making a list and checking it twice as we all wait for the lockout to end.  Still, there were some quasi-interesting quotes and tidbits:

Danny has focused on free agency, as well as improving the scouting department:

Celtics president Danny Ainge knows the free agent market will be like the Wild West once a new CBA is reached, but all he can do is prepare wish lists.

"We’ve done that," he said, "but we’ve done that every summer, every draft and every trade deadline. It’s the same as usual. We’ve just had a lot more time to go over things.

"We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we’ll be prepared. We’ve just gotten organized in our scouting. We’re just more organized now."

Meanwhile, Doc has taken a fairly laid back approach to the lockout:

 Asked what he’s been up to, coach Doc Rivers said, "Golf, family and that’s about it.

"Decompressing is always good. We’ve all done that pretty much, and we’re antsy again."

. . . "It’s been interesting," he said. "We have, what, seven signed players. But as a staff, we’ve still watched film, we’ve prepped. We’re meeting in a week again as a staff. I know some staffs have gone on business like normal, where they’ve been in the office every day. I made a conscious choice not to do that, because you just don’t know. The tough part is not knowing the rest of your roster.

Also, Doc suggests that we shouldn't expect big changes to the team:

"But we pretty much know who we are. We’re not changing much as far as our identity defensively and stuff like that. But there are areas we want to improve on, on offense and defense, and we’re going to do that."

As for preparing Plan A, Plan B and so on, Rivers said, "I think we’re pretty much at Z by now. But we’ll be ready."

In other expected news, Doc indicated that Mike Longabardi will take over as the "defensive coordinator", the role filled by Lawrence Frank last season.

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