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Ray's Celtics Career Was Destined From The Beginning

Interesting video from Ray Allen's recent speech at UConn, where he reflects on the draft process and reveals that Red Auerbach had promised the Celts would have drafted him at #6 if he had fallen one more slot:

(Hat tip to Red's Army.  More on Ray's trip to UConn here.)

Clearly, Ray has always wanted to be a Celtic.  Can you imagine how much different things would have looked if we'd ended up with Ray instead of Antoine?  Of course, there's no guarantee that we would have gotten a shot at Paul Pierce a couple of years later, but it's fun to think about.

In other Ray news, he's staying united with his fellow players in terms of the lockout:

"Nobody wants to miss a year," he said. "But I’m prepared to do what the team needs me to do, what my players association, players union team, what they need me to do, because we want to make sure we get the right deal for us."

That's not necessarily surprising, but it's what passes for news these days.

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