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NBA Blog Previews: Orlando Magic

You need a superstar to win in this league, but just having that star isn't enough, as the Magic are all too well aware.

Season Preview(?): Orlando Magic | September

The problem is everything is reliant on Howard. Ever-y-thing. If, heave forbid, Howard went through the first injury in his career or, more likely, he faces foul trouble, the Magic have no one to even adequately come in and give him a break on the bench. Howard is lucky when he does not have to play 40 minutes in any game (if that). The Magic have done a great job accentuating Howard's strengths. Really to the point that he hides everything else. Now, Orlando needs to actually start complementing him with pieces like they did in 2009 and 2010. That is going to take some guys stepping up and returning to All-Star form.

Bringing in Hedo and Richardson didn't quite work out as they hoped last year and they have to be hoping to drop Gilbert's contract in an amnesty deal. How can the Magic avoid a LeBron/Cleveland situation?

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