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NBA Blog Previews: Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have tons of talent and have made the playoffs for the last several years but they can't seem to get over the hump to get too far.  Perhaps all that experience and familiarity will eventually help them make the leap.

Atlanta Hawks NBA Blogger Preview (2011-12 Season) - Peachtree Hoops

Atlanta's strengths lie in its continuity. The core group has been together for a lengthy time now and this will be the second year under Larry Drew. In theory, they should be much more comfortable with his offensive and defensive philosophies during their second go around. The weaknesses lie in the depth issues that I mentioned earlier. The backcourt should have a solid three guard rotation in Jeff Teague, Joe Johnson, and Kirk Hinrich but at this point it is very unclear what the frontcourt rotation might look like beyond Zaza Pachulia.

Yeah, good luck with that.

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