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NBA Blog Previews: Charlotte Bobcats

Some teams have a realistic shot at competing for a title.  Some teams are just fooling themselves.  Others have a full grasp of how bad they are and are resigned to a "rebuilding" effort.  Or in this case, a continued "building" effort.

Rufus on Fire 2011-12 Season Preview (Perfect timing, eh?) - Rufus on Fire

This team won't be very good. They're too young and just don't have the talent to compete yet. Without real scoring punch, they'll face constant offensive weakness.

But that's OK. These are the growing pains that come with rebuilding a team. This team had to get worse before it gets better. The development of the young players will be most important as the Bobcats need to figure out which players are in their long-term future and which aren't.

Assuming a full season, I'm guessing the Bobcats will be somewhere around 25-57.

Jordan still hasn't established himself as much more than a figure head (or worse) as a GM/owner.  We'll see if he can turn that around in the next few years.

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