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Players, Owners To Talk Tuesday (Lather, Rinse, Repeat)

Well, talking is better than not talking I suppose.

NBA, union to meet Tuesday -

Officials from the NBA and its players' union are finalizing details of a bargaining session that will take place Tuesday in New York and possibly extend to Wednesday, a person familiar with the details told With the prospect of two days of negotiations as the calendar marches toward the eventual canceling of regular season games in less than three weeks,  National Basketball Players Association executive director Billy Hunter has postponed a regional meeting that had been scheduled for Tuesday in Miami and will stay in New York for talks with the league, the person with knowledge of the meeting said. On Friday, the league indefinitely postponed the start of training camps and canceled preseason games scheduled for Oct. 9-15. Deputy commissioner Adam Silver said the schedule will be further evaluated on Oct. 1. It is likely that the league would have to begin canceling regular season games by Oct. 14 if it is unable to reach an agreement with the union on a new collective bargaining ageement.

Call me crazy, but I think when push comes to shove there will be a deal done.  Rich people don't like losing money and when they stop getting paychecks and gate revenues, they'll talk turkey.  Which still seems absurd to me, but I'm not a negotiator or a lawyer.  If you are still interested in this subject, here are a couple of quality links for you.

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