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NBA Blog Previews: Phoenix Suns

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The times they are a changin' in the land of sun.

BSotS Phoenix Suns 2011-2012 (Off)Season Preview! - Bright Side Of The Sun

A future. What else can I say? The roster is loaded with pretty good players (hereinafter known as 'PGPs'), but no one or two players who can put the team on his shoulders and carry them to the playoffs. I can't think of anyone on the roster that would earn the following quote: "No one can stop him. He's a beast!" without being immediately followed with snickers, winks and hearty guffaws. This team, and its fans, need a future. There are no long playoff runs in this roster. It's time to start over. Whether that's in 2011 (or whenever the lockout ends) or 2012, it needs to happen soon.

Phoenix Suns 2011-12 preview capsule

Should the Suns trade Steve Nash? This is the question of the summer so far as the Suns are concerned, the domino upon which the team’s future direction rests. As I previously wrote, there are three main options: trade Nash, allow his contract to expire next summer for cap space or extend him. Thus far the Suns have steadfastly refused to envision a future without Nash and thus I feel it’s likely they will keep him for at least the 2011-12 season and then try to extend him so he retires a Suns.

The Suns have remained adamant that they won't trade Steve Nash, but it sure seems like he's reached the Ray Bourque in Colorado point of his career.

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