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My Picks in the TBJ All Time Draft

Pick me coach!
Pick me coach!

The kind folks at The Basketball Jones asked me to participate in a draft of all time NBA players with some other bloggers.  Here was the thought process behind my first pick (9th overall).

The all-time fantasy draft, starring some of your favorite bloggers | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

This was a fun exercise in discovering just how much of a homer I am. Heading into the draft I was pretty sure I could come out with more than one Celtic, since there was such a large pool to pick from. However, I did want to stay somewhat subjective and pick the best players available, regardless of team affiliation. I had the ninth pick, so I had to watch with agony as Bill Russell and Larry Bird were both picked before I could get them. My first choice was essentially between Shaq and Tim Duncan. Centers were flying off the shelves quickly, so I decided to take the most dominant big man of the modern era. I was hoping to game the system by getting Timmy on the wrap around 12th pick, but Greene wisely snatched him up before I could.

Click the link to see the rest of the results.  So, how do you think I did?  Who do you think ended up with the best squad?

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