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Fact or Fiction: The Celtics' Title Window Has Closed

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ESPN has been doing a series called 5 on 5 where they ask various bloggers and reporters to answer 5 questions about the teams they cover. Today was the Celtics turn. The topics are all ones that we've covered here time and time again, but hey, it doesn't hurt to discuss it again.

The most interesting topic (because it is the most fundamental) is the one about The Window. Here are a couple of the views.

Boston Celtics offseason questions - ESPN

Ryan DeGama, Celtics Hub: Fact. In the past, Boston could count on going deep in the playoffs even with a few things going wrong. Now, they need everything to go right for that same result. X factor: Ainge's bench construction. A batch of young, athletic bigs and wings would give Boston a decent chance at making the Finals one more time.

Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston: Fiction. Health is key, and age makes that more difficult, but with the right moves in building a supporting cast around the Big Four, the Celtics are in the mix, especially in a shortened season.

I side with Forsberg on this, but I do fear the points that DeGama brings up.

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