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New Year, Same Golden Rules On CelticsBlog

Happy New Year everyone! Some of you stuck with us through the whole lockout, some of you checked out and have found the site again now that the season has started, and some of you are brand new. I welcome you all and want nothing but to bring you the best environment in which to read about and discuss the greatest basketball franchise ever.

To that end, I thought this would be a good time for a hopefully helpful and friendly reminder about the site's rules. You can find a link to the whole list on the left sidebar under "Pages" and it is quite an exhaustive list. We do that just to be thorough but I think I can sum up for you thusly.

Respect each other.

That's it. Follow that rule and everyone will be happy and the site will be better for it. Here's a few ways that I define and interpret "respect."

  • Everyone is welcome to their own opinion as long as it is presented in a respectful manner. Optimistic, pessimistic, bi-polar, all are welcome and encouraged.
  • Please keep it PG or at least PG13 on here. It is important to me to run a family friendly site.
  • No calling names, personal attacks, or other pestering of another poster.
  • If someone is disrespectful towards you, do NOT take that as an opportunity to strike back. Report it to a moderator and let us do our jobs.
  • Please respect the moderators and if you disagree with something a mod says or does, feel free to talk to me or another mod. Nobody is perfect but we are trying our best.
  • Likewise, be patient if we don't catch everything. Like I said above, report offensive behavior either by using the flag or report buttons available or with a simple email with a link to the offending post.
I think that covers everything without boring you. For the most part the vast majority of you follow these rules and guidelines to a tee and I greatly appreciate it and think the site is better for it. We all have our moments of weakness and that is tolerated to a point but I also want to set a high bar and challenge everyone to meet it.

We have the greatest team, the greatest fans, and I thank you all for your efforts to make this one of the greatest team sites around. Thanks and God bless.

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