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Home Away From Home, Celtics Beat Wizards

The Wizards wanted to show off their new uniforms so the Celtics wore their home whites. That worked out great because the Celts must have felt like they were at home and played accordingly. Of course it might have helped that the winless Wizards are still a young and inexperienced team with lots of room for growth. Still, it is nice to see Boston take advantage of their own experience and not fall victim to a team with athleticism and (in some cases) raw talent.

The Celtics led by as many as 19, the Wiz were able to cut it to as little as 7 when the Celtics pushed the peddle down and put it away. These two teams will run it back tomorrow - this time really in Boston.

  • Rajon Rondo must have enjoyed playing against phenom John Wall - he messed around and got a triple double.
  • Kevin Garnett must have read the "What's Up With KG?" FanPost and had his best game of the year. I'm sure it had nothing to do with going up against Andre Blatche.
  • 10 Celtics players scored tonight - highlighting the all around effort.
  • On a similar note: Doc was able to keep everyone under 35 minutes!
I'll take another game just like this tomorrow if you don't mind (though watch out for jet-lag and the Wizards young legs).

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