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Win Slips Through Our Fingers

What a roller coaster game. What a bad finish.

The Celtics trailed by 10 early and fought all the way back. They trailed by 10 in the 3rd and fought all the way back. Pierce looked tired all night but made two clutch plays in the final minute to dish the ball off to Garnett and then hit the big 3 to tie it with just seconds left.

Of course seconds was all that Dirk Nowitzki needed to do Dirk type things and take the lead. It seemed like a good time to go to Ray Allen. The ever reliable Ray Allen. The guy that never makes critical mistakes... except this time he did. The pass was a little low, but he took his eyes off it long enough to lose it between his feet and that's all she wrote.

All losses hurt, and there was some good that you could pull from this game, but it really hurts to have the game so close and have it literally slip through your fingers.

  • Killer stat tonight: Second chance points - Mavs 17, Celtics 0
  • Rondo can't do it alone. The Big 3 came up rather small on offense most of the night.
  • At least Pietrus had a solid first game. Was a bit winded, but played well.
  • Delonte West was solid and made some key under the radar plays down the stretch. Naturally.
  • Remember when Jermaine O'Neal scored 19 points and everyone got excited? He has 16 points since then... in 4 games.
Once again, I'm encouraged by the short sparks of greatness, but discouraged by the inability to maintain a solid effort all night.

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