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Doc: "This Is Rondo's Team Right Now"

Rondo can only pull so much weight.
Rondo can only pull so much weight.

Pretty succinct analysis by Doc here.

The amazing, aggressive Rondo - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"I think this is [Rondo's] team right now, until everybody else gets it going," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "We need him to be aggressive. We need him to be a scorer, and attack. That’s a change, but that’s what it is right now until everybody else gets it going, because they are not. Ray (Allen) to me is playing pretty well, but we’ve got to get Paul (Pierce) going, we’ve got to get Kevin (Garnett) more consistent offensively even though I thought he was pretty good today with the defensive load that he had to carry. But I want Rondo to be aggressive."

Once again, I'm not going to make much about the bench. They are important but way behind the Big 4 in terms of impact on the game. Pierce is obviously going through a late training camp and feeling winded from the conditioning it takes to get up to speed. I think that will come but right now he's not there.

Garnett is still not aggressive enough on offense. Nobody is asking him to be something he's not - he'll never be a volume shooter. But in his best years he looked for his shot when he had a good matchup or good spacing. This year, not so much, which is why he says that "Doc has his foot this far up my [butt] right now." I know KG is coachable and I know he's an intelligent player. So either he's over-thinking it (looking for teammates and assuming the play will go to someone else) or he's lost some confidence in his offense (a possibility that he'd never admit to). At least he's still bringing it on defense for the most part.

Can't really fault Ray too much with the way he's shot over the first few games. But he's going to have his off nights and he can't carry a team. None of the Big 3 alone can carry the team to a win any more and if last night is any indication, neither can Rajon.

It is Rondo's team right now, he's the star. However, he has to stay consistently aggressive and he is still going to need some help from somewhere. Hopefully that will come as Pierce gets his legs under him, but we'll see.

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